Windows 7 Support Ending soon……..

Microsoft are ending support for Windows 7 after 14th January 2020. So what does this mean for you? If you still have a pc, laptop or other device running windows 7 then it means that Microsoft will no longer be supplying updates or providing fixes to known bugs which will leave the operating system open to potential hackers compromising your machine. Windows 7 has been a brilliant operating system with many great features but as with all good things sometimes they must come to an end.

The good news is that your pc won’t just stop working when the support stops but it does mean that we would advise you to take action. You don’t want to risk potentially losing data to hackers or malware attacks that have taken advantage of the loopholes in the out of date operating system. Take action now!

What are my options.

Your options are different depending on the age and specification of your device. If your device is very old it maybe time to start a fresh and your best option would be to purchase a new or refurbished laptop, pc or tablet. There is a great variety to suit all budgets. If your device is a good specification then it could be upgraded to Windows 10.

It can be confusing trying to decide on the best action to take. Talk to us now to help you decide which route would be best for you and help make transition to Windows 10 easier.

New vs Refurbished

In this modern day and age we have become accustomed to having the newest technology, but is this always the best way to go? We are always drawn to the latest and greatest but did you know there are other options out there. It’s worth knowing that you can get great deals on refurbished devices at the same time as being only a model or two behind the most current device. With these devices being lower in cost than new, you can usually afford to get a higher specification device at a similar cost to a low-mid range device brand new.

The Benefits of Refurbished

  • More machine for your money – You can get a higher spec machine than your budget may allow if your buying new. Also adding in extra features for example TPM chips for hardware data encryption on laptops. Not only are you benefiting from a faster and better spec machine but you can also then possibly afford to upgrade to a solid state hard drive for even more speed.
  • Help saving the environment – When millions of electronic devices; laptops, smartphones and pc’s are replaced for a newer model the old ones have to go somewhere. There must be literally millions of these old devices tucked away in cupboards or draws doing nothing. They are just waiting to go to recycling or even worse dumped somewhere to leach toxic chemicals into the soil. Buying refurbished devices means giving that device a longer life and doing our bit to reduce the huge amount of e-waste that is growing over time.

The benefits are great but you do need to consider the risks of refurbished. Some people and companies will just sell refurbished devices with little to no testing and no warranty or even OS (for example Windows 7). You need to make sure you choose a reputable company when purchasing your devices and ensure that they are willing to provide a warranty on the machine should any parts fail.

We believe in reducing e-waste at the same time as providing high quality refurbished devices that will perform for years to come.

Get in touch with us now for prices on refurbished devices.